Phase 1

Our partners from Spain, Turkey, Scotland, Poland and Greece have developed, exciting and interesting learning modules based on novel teaching techniques in order to capture the attention of the students aged 10-14 years and improve their level of performance. Based on the smart city concept the students  are thrilled to approach the challenges of SMART KIDS.

Six modules treating digital infrastructure, data management, renewable energy, smart buildings & transport were carefully developed by our partners who all put mayor effort on boosting students’ interest towards STEM careers and raising awareness among the youngest about the challenges our world is facing.

Phase 2

After the review of the general contents by the University Napier of Edimburgh and Mahatma Arquitectos, the 12 modules have been implemented to a minimum of 100 students by country, checking their results through teacher and student surveys.

At the same time, a minimum of 20 teachers per country have been trained per through an online platform, which has also been valued by more than 100 teachers across Europe.

Phase 3

“As each country is a world” and the educational systems have small differences, in this phase the contents of the 12 units have been adapted to the reality of each country, for future implementation, if it possible, in the official teaching system

In this phase the online web platform has been improved after the phase 2 test, including more content and improving its editing